Claire Waterhouse Limnerslease 2015

These are hand thrown ‘Elephant cowls’ for ‘Limnerslease’ in Compton, Surrey. UK – This original grade 2 building was the home of George and Mary Watts, and I recently made these 3 chimney top pieces. Very proud!

Claire Waterhouse bespoke grave stone

Personalised stoneware grave stone/ pebble

Claire Waterhouse Alibaba jars

Alibaba jars

Claire Waterhouse Frog Tile 2015

Hand made tile. Frog on a Lily pad

Claire Waterhouse handthrown apple 2015

Giant hand thrown and sculpted apple

Claire Waterhouse Jug/ Pitcher 2015

Hand thrown and slip trailed pitcher

Claire Waterhouse Jug Lip 2015

Detail of carving and slip detail on hand thrown jug

Claire Waterhouse Jugs

Claire Waterhouse demonstrating 2014

Claire Waterhouse pasta bowl 2015

A summer pasta dish served in a handthrown lotus bowl

Claire Waterhouse Strawberry Bowl

Hand thrown and carved fruit bowl 2015

Claire Waterhouse Ewer / Pitcher 2015

Hand thrown pitcher with carved rim, calligraphic painting and slip trailing

Lidded vessels January 2015

Hand thrown and faceted biscuit barrels. 2015

Lidded vessel 2015

Detail of calligraphic painting on faceted jar

Lidded vessel12

New vessels for 2015

Claire Waterhouse handthrown cups 2014

Large Cups


Commemorative Vases


Display shown with Jane McKeown Textile Art backdrop.

Tassimo Cup b

Large Cup

Claire Waterhouse Fish bowl 1990

Handthrown fish bowl

Claire Waterhouse 2013

His & Hers handthrown ‘Buzz’ Jugs

Bumble range

Lidded vessels

Calligraphic Cobalt Bowl

Arabesque Sgrafitto bowl, stoneware


Inlaid sgrafitto Bowl


Slip Trailed Arabesque bowl

Saggar fired lidded vessel

Smoke fired vessels